Online Enrollment

On Demand Payroll offers the unique feature of employee self enrollment in benefits. Your HR professional sets up the benefits and rules. Through On Demand Payroll's Employee Self Service system (ESS), the employee enrolls in benefits they may be eligible for. ESS also displays employee eligibility, plan start date, employee contribution, and company contribution.

On Demand Payroll links your employee's benefits data directly to the provider for each benefit. During open enrollment, or for new hires, On Demand Payroll's Benefits Administration system transmits changes to the provider's database. indicates that using Online Enrollments can save a company 80% over what it costs to manually manage this documentation. It is also estimated that this online process saves a company an average of $9.00/month per employee!

SQL/Pay Web is a fully integrated employee management system. HR and Payroll data share the same database to ensure your departments work together to share similar data. Employee data can be shared between the payroll and HR departments, or even divided based on user priviledges.