E-Mail Notification

On Demand Payroll provides the ability to reduce the amount of time calling and typing memos when certain action items in your Payroll and Human Resource departments occur. On Demand Payroll's E-Mail Notification system automatically creates e-mails when certain activities occur. You create the subject and the text for the e-mail. You also determine who in your organization should receive the e-mails, going to as many individuals as necesarry. You can even send reminders for upcoming events, such as performance reviews.
  • New Hire
  • New Job Posting
  • Close Job Posting
  • Employee Vacation Request
  • Employee Absence
  • Employee Injury
  • Grievance
  • Employee Performance Review
  • Provider Benefit
  • Avg Vacation Hours
  • Employee Address Change
  • Employee W4 Change
  • Employee Benefits Enrollment
  • Employee FSA Claim
  • Employee DD Change