This day in age, companies simply do not have time to focus on non-value added activities. Training is an important part of hiring and maintaining employees, but is often overlooked. On Demand Payroll can develop organizational and managerial training programs tailor-made for your needs.

Our HR Consultants will work with you to develop a program encompassing management and interviewing skills, as well as coaching and counseling. These programs promote teamwork and employee retention by demonstrating a genuine interest in developing managers. This also includes HR coordinator training and development programs, and personnel assessment services and training.

  • Increase motivation and retention of HR staff
  • Reduce costly rework by establishin the HR department correctly at onset
  • Promote constructive communication for use in counseling, management of employees
  • Improve communication with customers, resluting in increased customer satisfaction and increased sales
  • Minimize costly and destructive effects of employee discrimination