VISA Debit Paycards

Payroll Debit cards are one of the newest trends in the payroll industry. Rather than dealing with a paper paycheck, an employee can have their pay electronically deposited to a paycard. This paycard does not require a bank account. When the employee wants to access the cash, it can be done using most ATMs and at most retail outlets... anywhere Visa is accepted. Each card can have multiple PINs setup for access by different indidiuals as well.

Whether an employee has a traditional bank account or a paycheck card, implement direct deposit is a great way to save time and money. You can use Employee Self Service and eliminate the inconvenience of distributing and receiving paper checks once and for all.

  • Debit cards sponsored by Visa that can be used like a credit card
  • Pay checks are electronically deposited each payroll to your card
  • The card requires a PIN to prevent theft
  • Your Paychek Plus! card does not require you to maintain a bank account
  • You can access your cash, 24x7 from most ATMs
  • Balance inquiries are just a phone call away and can also be accessed via the Internet