Real Time Terminal Punching

On Demand Payroll has a time and attendance system integrated with payroll. Known as SQL/Time, employee punches are managed so that hours are accumulated to be sent to payroll. This convienient system allows employee payroll and time and attendance data to use the same database, eliminating redundancy and thus improving accuracy.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of SQL/Time is that all employee punches are real time. When an employee punches in, that punch can be seen in the system within minutes. Thus, SQL/Time is equipped with features such as seeing what employees are currently clocked in, running real time reports, and preparing for employee overtime.

  • TIME PUNCH TERMINALS - On Demand Payroll can install a time clock terminal at your site(s) for punch collection. The clock is connected to our network through an ethernet connection. An employee punches in and then the punch data is viewed (and possibly changed) in SQL/Time by the manager. On Demand Payroll can setup a swipe card reader (which reads barcodes) or a biometric hand reader (which the employee only needs their own hand to clock in).
  • EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICE - Employees have the ability to clock in from any computer with internet access via Employee Self Service. This is an economical and efficient means of keeping track of employees who are often out of the office or constantly have internet access.
  • SQL/TIME ONLINE SOFTWARE - Managers can add or alter punches for employees by logging into SQL/Time through SQL/Pay or Manager Self Service.
  • Real Time means data is always available
  • Time Clock Terminals connected via ethernet
  • Manager Self Service for distributed management
  • Export punches into payroll for accuracy
  • Employee punches online through Employee Self Service