Labor Tracking

SQL/Time's integration with SQL/Pay allows it to handle labor tracking. This gives the user the ability to track work by labor codes and projects, and operations within those projects. SQL/Pay has the ability to track at the department level, labor level, or even at the piece rate and pay rate levels. The concept is to track these hours at whatever level necesarry and then compare against a standard work order.

This is especially useful for companies that pay different for each job an employee may work in. It's also important for those who base their accounting labor costs on specific breakdowns. Overtime can automatically be applied, as can a bonus when an employee reaches a certain number of hours.

On Demand Payroll's system is dynamic in the sense that time can be tracked any way you like. Employees can punch in and out of certain tasks, or a set number of hours can be given to certain tasks, similar to a time sheet. These functions are not just limited to time and attendance; the payroll processing function is designed to handle this when hours are entered manually or imported as well.

  • Breakdown activity by department, labor project, or operation
  • Pay rate according to operation
  • Track labor costs in accounting
  • Punch in and out of different operations
  • Forecast for future based on historic results