Internet Employee Service System

On Demand Payroll's trend setting, Internet based Employee Self Service system (ESS) is a the new trend in Human Resource Management. Your employees can use any Internet Browser to quickly answer questions...questions they used to have to contact your Human Resources department about.

Due to our advanced technological design and SQL database, employees can actually view their Payroll and Human Resource data, and even make changes to certain information if you authorize that action. This allows managers to focus on more strategic tasks, and eliminates errors and redundancy in the flow of information.

  • Print and Reprint Checks and Direct Deposit Advices
  • Make Address Changes
  • Make W-4 Changes
  • Review Vacation Balances
  • Request Vacation Days
  • Review Company Benefit Programs
  • Review Their Current Benefit Programs
  • Download Company Handbooks, Guidelines, and Procedures
  • Review Their Current and Year-To-Date Pay Data
  • Review Their Flexible Spending Account Status and Data
  • Review Their Education and Skills
  • Online Benefits Enrollment
  • Time Sheet Entry
  • Online Time Punching
  • Employee Schedule Review