Biometric Hand Readers

Along with bar code reading clocks, On Demand Payroll offers the capability for employees to clock in using only the shape of their hands. Known as hand biometrics, these clocks are the newest trend in time and attendance everywhere. These clocks add value by eliminating "buddy punching", or having one employee clock in for another employee. This in turn drives down labor costs, making for a more efficient organization.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of SQL/Time is that all employee punches are real time. When an employee punches in, that punch can be seen in the system within minutes. Thus, SQL/Time is equipped with features such as seeing what employees are currently clocked in, running real time reports, and preparing for employee overtime.

  • Real time means data is always available
  • Time Clock Terminals connected via ethernet
  • Manager Self Service for distributed management
  • Export punches into payroll for accuracy
  • Employee punches online through Employee Self Service