Workforce Management Consulting

In today’s challenging business environment, organizations are under increasing pressure to do more with what they have, improve worker productivity, and reduce labor budgets. Repetitive manual tasks, inadequate tracking of time and attendance, and unnecessary overtime all impair worker productivity – and impact your bottom line. But how can you improve worker productivity when your workforce management system doesn’t provide the information, insight, or the tools that tell you who’s doing what, when, where, and why?

Our workforce management consultants help you evaluate or implement tools that help you automate and streamline manual tasks, reduce errors, and access detailed information in real-time – making managers more productive and giving them the tools to help their employees to do the same. Manage by exception instead of sifting through timecards. Gain insight into your scheduling to match labor to volume and prevent approaching overtime. Provide employees with self-service tools that allow them to check earnings and accruals, or request schedule changes, time off, and more. Our workforce management consultants help deliver productivity and cost savings.

Labor costs account for a significant percentage of every organization’s budget. And workforce management challenges such as payroll errors, accidental overpayments, and buddy punching by hourly personnel all drive up your labor costs. Factor in loss of productivity due to unnecessary manual processes, human error, and scheduling conflicts and it becomes increasingly difficult to control your labor costs – costs that eat away at your bottom line.

If your workforce management system doesn’t give you control over the challenges that impact labor costs, you’re wasting valuable time and money and allowing unnecessary expenses to impair your business. Our consultants can help your organization improve workflow and reduce these non-value added tasks implementing the system that best fits your environment.